Lubbock, Texas, USA

I absolutely love Lubbuck, Texas, because of the University of Texas A&M, and the gorgeous, friendly girls that go to school there. Campus is huge, so good luck hoofing it in the hot Texas sun around campus trolling for YP. There are a few student bars just adjacent to campus where you can meet them much more easily. Cricket, Chimy are my two favorite bars here.
The rest of this town has a few other cool pockets of activity– Old City, Depot District and Center City. Here are some of the cooler bars and clubs in these other sections of town in no particular order; Public House, Ladder 15 , Blue Martini, Continetal, Red Rooster, Buck Wild, Graham Central Station, McFaddens, Cadillac Bar and Grill, Tin Roof, Deja Vu.


The Hooters here is really good. Get to know some of the girls and see if you can get them to show you around.

God Damn Factor 9.0