Los Angeles, California USA


Los Angeles, California is like no other place on earth. It’s so big, it defies the imagination. There are plenty of beautiful women here thanks to the multitude of universities, the movie industry (mainstream and adult), the weather, the beaches and wealth of the area. If you know someone involved with the movie industry at all, you should definitely hang out with them for a while to get a taste of that scene. The women are outrageous, and there is a virtual pornocopia of them! People complain that LA is as plastic as the fake titties in many of its female residents. (LA is the real Silicone Valley.) But I tell you, it is still the premiere destination for the traveling PB, if just for the quantity and quality of the babes here. But be careful. It’s pretty easy to get sick of this place after having to deal with all the attitude, traffic jams, riots, earthquakes, fires, drive-by shootings, expensive partying and the like, so pace yourself. Hang out at the University of Southern California and the University of California at Los Angeles, the big schools in this town. Both are world renowned for their honeys. On campus and in the Westwood Village are the place to meet them. The UCLA Mardi Gras held during May of every year has women 10 times better than the real thing held in New Orleans every February. Going to a party on fraternity row at either of these universities will convince you to transfer here for sure. To scam on the honeys with enough money shop in Beverly Hills, head to the Beverly Center, Rodeo Drive and its side streets.

The beaches of Newport, Manhattan, Santa Monica, Venice, Huntington and Hermosa are must-sees right after the workday ends (about 5pm) when all the women are out roller blading, jogging, biking or power walking on the boardwalks. The bars in these areas are generally very good when the weekend rolls around also. Each one of these beaches has a slightly different personality. Find the one that’s right for you. My personal favorite is Manhattan Beach. It’s close to UCLA, so there are sure to be women on the beach when class let’s out. The bars here are excellent– Sharks Cove, Hennesey, Mucho, Brewco, Beaches, Shellback Tavern, Rock N’ Fish and The Kettle.

If you are going to venture out into LA’s nightlife looking for the Pamela Anderson look-alike you’ve always dreamt about, you had better bring some cash to throw around and dress well. This city is as big as London, New York or Paris without the mass transit system, which makes club-hopping difficult. For the best yield, head to Hollywood and Sunset Blvd.’s. Try Musso and Frank’s Grill on Hollywood Blvd or the Roxbury, Argyle Hotel Bar, Bar Marmount and the Viper Room on Sunset Blvd. Alternatively, check out Formosa Cafe on Santa Monica Blvd, the Gate and Coronet Pub on La Cienega and Smalls on Melrose Blvd. Other places include Trader Vic’s on Wilshire Blvd, the 3 of Clubs on Vine Street, the Lava Lounge on La Brea Ave and the Cava and Chillers— both on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

There is a lot a racial tension here in LA between whites, blacks, Mexicans and various Asian groups. This could make it tough to find chicks with good attitudes who are not of your race, who will like you for who you are— not dislike you for what you are. Do your best to deal any situation that may arise, and be careful in certain neighborhoods. If a group of friendly looking gang-bangers should approach you with bricks asking directions, do yourself a favor and just stay in the car. Remember that South Central LA is the place where even the Mexican grandmothers beat the shit out of the tourists.

For some energy before  heading out to mack on all the ladies, eat Korean Barbeque at Oh Dae Sun or Gui Rim.  Both are excellent.

God Damn Factor 9.0