Looking Good


There is no substitute for good looks, when hitting on women. Women are like men in the fact that the first thing that they find attractive about someone is their looks. For all you chuckle heads out there, I’ll spell it out in plain language. You have to look good to scoop the finest babes. No chick is ever going to say to a friend of hers, “Oh, check out that ugly, shit-dressed, greasy-haired, fat-ass by the bar next to the cute guy. Let’s go talk to him!” Here is some helpful advice for the clueless.

Get a good haircut. She’ll notice if you don’t have one. Lift and run on a regular basis, so that girls won’t puke when you take your shirt off. I’m not the world’s best looking guy, but chicks dig the body, because I’ve worked hard on it. Dress well. Don’t wear clothes that make you look dumpy, especially in places like Spain, France and Italy, where it doesn’t matter how hot it is outside, all of the men are in long pants, dress shirts and designer accessories. You’ll look like an idiot in a baseball cap, shorts and sandals. If you have a big, ugly nose or any other sub-par body part, and it prevents you from getting chicks, consider surgery to improve your appearance. There is nothing wrong with doing something like that, especially if it is going to improve your quality of life. Then promptly go out and pick up a chick with 44-D silicone breasts and thank God for modern medicine. Showering, shaving, wearing antiperspirant and are all good things to do! Remember that it’s not just you that needs to look good. Clean up your car if you are going to pick her up at her place. Clean up your place if you are having her over. No chick wants to runkle in a sty, unless she’s a pig. If that’s your sort of thing, you’ve read too far.