Lesbians/Bi-Sexual Women


No book of this type would be complete without a discussion of this subject. Many PB’s are just fascinated with lesbians and bisexuals. I’m not taking about the nasty, no-armpit shaving, fat-ass, Nazi-fem hoe’s you’ll see at a “coming out party” at Wellesley. I’m talking about phat, smokin’ hot box, who just happens to snack on crack— the kind that won’t get you arrested for possessing. There are plenty of chicks who fantasize about hooking up with other chicks. You’d be surprised how many there are and just who they are. I guarantee that among the girls you may have already hooked up with there are more than just a few who have sampled sex with other women or at least have had intense curiosities and fantasies about doing so.

Women just tend to feel very comfortable with each other. They go to the bathroom together, help each other dress and undress and are generally much more at ease with physical touching one another, because they don’t feel intimidated or threatened like they might with a man. Exclusively lesbian women are almost of no use to you, unless you are into hands-off sexual experiences. But bisexuals can be very interesting. It has been my experience that there are very few women who stay bisexual throughout there lifetimes. It tends to be a phase that many of them go through in their youth that they grow out of once they’ve had the experience, and their curiosity has been satisfied.

Sometimes when trying to runkie a bisexual, you have to be patient. These girls tend to be fickle, hard to read and at times, difficult to satisfy. But great rewards may come to those who wait. Some bisexuals will share you with their friends, while others may want to keep you to themselves, because they’re afraid that you may want the other women, or afraid of what you might think of them, if you actually see them hook up with another girl. Some conservative bisexuals can be talked into sharing you with their female partner, if you are persuasive enough and convince them that it would be a great experience for the both of you. Just don’t be surprised if she asks you to share her with one of your buddies in return! If you are lucky enough to pull off a trio, consider yourself the man and enjoy yourself.   But remember that trying to satisfy two women sexually can be as much work as it is pleasure.

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