Leiden, the Netherlands


Leiden is a small town, but a big destination for youthful Dutch who want to attend Holland’s oldest university located within the city limits. Even better, it is a popular place for a lot of international students to study, however ostensibly. The bad thing is that a lot of the social life centers around the exclusive fraternities and societies of the university, which are open to members only. They remind me of the parties in the finals clubs at Harvard, only with better-looking girls. The best bars are mostly on Bree Straat and its side streets, such as Vismarkt Botermarkt. The best time to party is on the weekends, as weeknights are awfully quite. Haarlemmerstraat is packed with girls shopping, department stores and places to eat. The YP abounds here, so don’t let the quite and shy demeanor of the town discourage you too quickly. Look around and ask a local PB where to find the finest women.

God Damn Factor 8.5