Latin and South America


How can I describe a typical chica from Latin and South America? She’s hot. She likes to dance. She has a fiery personality. She’s very sexual, even thought she may have never had sex. But the most strikingly unique feature about her is that she is possessed of something I call the “Latin American ass”. Any PB who is worth his weight in condoms will be able to tell you about the “LA ass”. It’s big, but not to the point of being undesirable. It’s just that the girls here have got that little extra something back there, girls from other parts of the world just don’t have. I am a titty man, myself. But if you are an ass man, this is the place for you. My dad used to say, “A woman’s got to have great hips to be really sexy.” Yes, my father was a big fan of the lower half of a woman’s body. He would have been in heaven had he visited this place.

The other great thing about this area of the world is that the party atmosphere is unlike anywhere else on earth. It’s incredible all night, most every night. People here are not into sitting around drinking beer in a pub, like in England or Germany. They are not into sitting in a cafe, sipping on a cappuccino and people watching like they are in France or Italy. People here are into dancing, and there is a very distinct ritual (like a cat and mouse game) that takes place at most every dance club on most every weekend evening. The man deftly stalk the woman he fancies. There is an exchange of glances, if there is mutual interest. Then whispering among their friends and more glancing and gestures. Then the man approaches con confidencia and makes his attempt to win the girls affections. Try it, Zorro. You may just have a place to put that sword of yours.