Lagos, Sagres and Albufeira


The Algarve Region of Portugal to the South is comprised of three main beach towns, Lagos, Sagres and Albufeira. These are the places everyone goes in Portugal for sun and fun during July and August. The place is packed with foreigners since this is a favorite vacation spot for the Brits, Ausi’s, Canadians and Germans. Much unlike New York City or Miami, walking around the streets in this area of Portugal you’ll hear English spoken by nearly everyone, so scamming on the babes is easy. English-speakers own the bars, pubs, restaurants and discos. During the day, you will see many of the clubs’ big-bosomed employees giving out passes and vouchers for free drinks. Grab some. Uh… free passes, that is. Unfortunately, you’re not likely to be scamming on Portuguese booty since there isn’t too much around. In fact, the only Portuguese here are the people who own the villas, which are rented out to the tourists during the summer months. This may not be an entirely bad thing. You’ll probably be more than happy to scam on drunk, horny English-speaking girls after struggling to communicate in Lisbon.

The beaches in Lagos are beautiful, as are many of the women on them. But the currents coming down from the north make the water freezing cold for all but a few weeks every year during mid-summer, and if you don’t watch yourself, the chicas will be too. You’ll find things a bit more expensive here than in Lisbon, but still damn cheap by European standards. The nightlife is incredible every night during the summer, so all PB’s who visit her are sure to have a blast. If you want to know where to go, just ask, because like the French government, the hot spots in Lagos are constantly changing almost on a weekly basis. This depends largely on the whim of whoever happens to be here vacationing at any particular time. Alternatively, you can just go downtown around 11pm and follow the noise. Everyone tends to start out at the bar with the best drink specials first and then stumble elsewhere from there. The town is small and all the revelry happens mid-way up the hill on which this town is situated in and around the Praca Gil Eanes and Rua 25 de Abril. The best bars in Lagos during the summer usually include the Zanzibar, Joe’s Garage and Shots in the Dark on Rua de Maio.

Sagres, just a short bus ride away from Lagos, is basically just a beach, which incidentally sits at the very southwestern corner of Europe. Girls may go here to get away from all the scamming going on at the much more popular, bar-packed town of Lagos. Of course, you may want to go down there to change all that for them. But at most, its worth a day trip, if you’re in the mood to check out somewhere new. Albuffeira is a big resort town in the Algarve where you will find the Portugese vacationing alongside a myriad of tourists from other countries. However, it’s difficult just show up and expect to find an inexpensive place to stay during July and August, like you can in Lagos. But it may be worth the hassle of reserving ahead, as there is some awfully fine Portuguese YP both vacationing on their own or with family, or working in the hotels, since the beautiful beaches and great nightlife are quite a draw. Head to the Fastnet and Classic Bars on Rua Candido and later onto Disco Silvia’s and Que Pasa on Rua Sao Goncalo.

God Damn Factor 8.5