Ireland and Scotland


Irish and Scottish girls are nice, but generally not nice-looking. I say that with great reservations being that I am a product of twelve years of Irish Catholic school during which time most every girl I ever went out with was at least half Irish. The girls here have cool accents, tend to be on the chubby side and very, very fair skinned. The best thing about Scotland and especially Ireland is the drinking. There are tons of pubs, which are very much needed, if you’ve ever seen the women here. You may be familiar with the flick “Braveheart,” but you’ll need a Bravedong if you plan on hooking up with most of the local women. Alas, most all of the beautiful sites in these locales are a part of the countryside landscape. But hey, you never know. You may get lucky and find a great-looking chick who digs you, but the odds are not stacked in your favor.

When in Dublin check out these two pubs: the Brazen Head on Lower Bridge Street and Mother Redcaps Tavern on Black Lane. Everybody drinks Guinness, so don’t ask for a Bud Light, unless you want to get your ass kicked. Fibber MaGee’s is a decent late night dance club so check it out. The best club in the city on the weekends is the Kitchen on East Essex Street. During the day you can try your luck at Trinity College or the shops in the center of the city. If you find yourself in Ireland, sick of Dublin, but not wanting to leave just yet, then check out Galway City. There is a university here and a beach– always a great combination! Hangout in Salthill, where there is plenty to do. The best places here are Quays on the street of the same name and McSwiggan’s on Eyre Street.

If you’re in Scotland in late August, head to Edinburgh’s International Festival. (Personally, I would rather be on a Mediterranean beach.) Edinburgh’s best pubs are Oddfellows on Forrest Road and Sneeky Pete’s on Cow Gate Street. The Vaults on Niddry Street is the best dance club on the weekend. If in Glasgow, head to the West End and Sauchiehall Street for nighttime revelry. Note to the very drunk scammer; No, that’s not a Scottish girl who doesn’t shave her legs whose ass your pinching. The men hear wear something called kilts!

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