Ios, Greece


Ios, a few hours by ferry from Mykonos, is the undisputed, heavy-weight champion, party island in Greece. It’s like New Year’s Eve at the Playboy Mansion, spring break in Cancun and Mardis Gras at Ron Jeremy’s house. Mylopotas beach is hell fun and there is some hot booty to be had, both American and European. However, don’t expect things to get hopping until the afternoon when everybody’s had a chance to wake up from the previous night’s merriment. The best place to stay and one of the best places to line up some booty is Far Out Camping and Far Out Hotel. It’s sort of a resort for Greek Island hoppers— literally packed with backpacking YP. More successful scamming goes on here than anywhere else on the island.

Ios is actually a tiny, little island with a small town situated on top of a hill above the main port. There are something like 1,000 Greek residents living in Ios year round, but over 130 bars. It’s pointless to name individual ones. Literally, any place will do. The town square is surrounded by bars and filled with chairs and tables that are public property. Hence, you can go to any bar you like, buy a drink than go hangout in the middle of the square and try your luck with the chicas. The village area rocks after dark. Disco 69 (Got to love that name!), Blue Note and the Scorpion have been the great clubs in the past. But the best of the best is Sweet Irish Dreams. It’s absolutely the most popular place for everybody wind up late night after getting good and liquored up and ready to runkle.

God Damn Factor 8.5