Internet Dating


In a million years, I would have never thought that I would do internet dating.  I thought it was for loser PB’s who couldn’t get girls any other way.  Man, was I wrong.  There are tons of girls out there online.  Girls who want to meet guys like you!  There are so many variables with attraction that the internet allows you to get yourself out there in front of so many, so quickly and for such little money and in such a short amount of time that in my opinion, it’s the greatest thing to happen to PB’s since the bikini.

Take my case for example.  I like younger women.  I am an older professional.  With some work, I can find a lot of the women online—who I want, who want guys like me.  Some girls like Latin men like me, some don’t.  Some like professionals like me, some don’t.  Some women like mature guys with their shit together, some don’t.  My best asset is my intellect, wit and charm.  That comes through online way better often times than in a bar or club.

Additionally, you oftentimes can’t tell who is single and looking for a man in a bar or a club—but online they are all looking.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t be there.

Different websites are going to work better for some kinds of men than others for whatever reason—mostly because different kinds of women will gravitate to different sites based on the kind of guy they are looking for, their personsal preferences and experience.

Here are some of my favorite websites;








Never lose focus of what you are trying to do when you date online.  You are not

looking for a pen pal.  You are not looking to be friends.  You are looking to meet, date and fornicate with beautiful girls.  So get to the point.  Email once or twice back and forth, then get her on the phone, then meet ASAP.  Otherwise there’s no point.  People usually like each other less as they get to know each other more.  Remember that old saying that familiarity breeds resentment.  Make it a whirl wind, quick romance.  Sweep her off her feet.  And have fun doing it.

Search for the girls you want.  The age you want.  (Go young!)  The height you want, the race you want.  The body you want, etc…  If you have the financial means and the time, get great girls you find in other cities to come see you or go see them.  If you are really picky like I am, you can’t help that a chick you want, who is interested in you lives in another city or state for that matter.  Make the investement and just do it.  I usually like to get the girl to come to me, if she lives somewhere else.  She more likely to get in the mood when she is in a new place.  It’s exciting and romantic.

Realize that you are a man.  You are attracted first and foremost to youth and beauty.  Young women don’t lie about their age.  Older women do.  Young women look good, so there pictures are recent and accurately represent what they look like.  Older women put up pictures from when they were young, hot and thin!  Don’t be surprised that that chick who says she 29 and looks great in her pictures is really 38 and is 50 pounds overweight.  It happens all the time.

Most of the “adult” dating sites are complete crap. for example is a hoax. What they do is get girls to sign up on websites like and the girls fill out their profile– thinking that their profile will be on that site, which touts itself a a regular dating site– not an adult site, but in reality their profiles get posted on Fling. So the result is that guys signing up for Fling– thinking that the girls on there are wanting to get some Wu, when in reality they thought they were signing up for regular dating website. Naughty, naughty Shame on you for wasting our time and money.

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