How to Make Love to a Woman


Allow me to play doctor for a moment and impart upon you a little knowledge that is sure to go a long way. Every PB is going to have different styles and techniques designed to get a woman into bed, but what separates the men from the boys, and what often determines who keeps the babes long term is what you do in the bed. Very simply the human sexual cycle can be divided into four phases: the arousal phase, the pre-orgasmic phase, the orgasmic phase and the refractory phase. You must master each one if you want convince the babes that you are a great lover. Most women need to experience multiple stimuli in order to “get in the mood.” The stimuli can be visual, tactile, auditory and/or olfactory. Women notice everything. They notice the way you look, the way you smell, how you look at them, how you touch them, how you act, what you say and how you say it. They have a sixth sense they depend on subconsciously which dictates whether or not they are going to feel comfortable with you, and whether or not they are going to be sexually attracted to you. You have to get her to feel comfortable

with you and at the same time feel attracted to you in a sexual way, if you expect to get anywhere. Sometimes this takes time it’s time well spent.

In order for a woman to feel comfortable with you, you have to get intimate with her both emotionally and physically. That means looking at her in a certain way, being genuinely interested in her, making her feel as though she is the only thing that matters to you when you’re together and acting towards her in a way that makes her feel safe and as though she can trust you. Without this emotional intimacy, achieving physical intimacy will be much more difficult. You can prelude the physical intimacy by getting her used to you touching her. Holding hands, brushing her cheek with your fingers, messaging her neck or her ear lobes and kissing her gently are all things that if accomplished early and done well, will get her to feel comfortable with you and help you arouse her sexually. Different chicks are going to find different things sexually exciting. Some find it arousing to be dangerous or mysterious. Some find men who are funny or aggressive to be the most being arousing. You have to feel her out and adjust your rap accordingly. Some chicks (most notably in my experience, French titty dancers) find it arousing to be totally indifferent towards them and cop an attitude. They think that’s sexy, because in the retarded neural networks that make up their brains you are more desirable because you are not like all of the other PB’s who wait on them hand and foot. No matter what the chick may like in men, above all else, they love a man who’s confident. Chicks can smell one part per trillion of insecurity, and acting like a bed-wetter is never sexy.

I have three words to say to you if you want to do well in the pre-orgasmic phase: stimulate, stimulate, stimulate. If you have done a really good job with the arousal phase this one will take no time at all. Sometimes I can just command a girl who is really into me to take off their clothes and that’s enough to get her stimulated. At other times it takes a Herculean effort. Again, she has to feel comfortable, yet aroused with you touching her. Where and how you touch her are key. The biggest erogenous zones besides the vagina are the neck, ears, lips, breasts and extremities. Knowing when to be gentle and when to be rough are also important.   This skill comes with good instinct and lots of experience. The normal sexual response during this arousal phase includes vasocongestion of the vagina and breast. Remember this is as much a physical as well a psychological arousal. Don’t forget about what is between her ears. Talk to her a little bit. Gresture to her. Take command and show off your strength and virility. Lots of guys can manage this far, but managing the time just before the orgasm is where true artistry comes into play. Besides your Johnson, you have a mouth and two hands, so use them all to stimulate her. Digital and oral stimulation of the erogenous zones, if done well, will build up the anticipation of the intercourse and make it that much better in her mind. The more input she has, the more overwhelmingly sexually aroused she will feel.

There is a litmus test for how well you have done this far. As my dad once said, “You know you’re doing a good job when you put your hand down there, and it feels like your feeding a horse!” The two most important areas of the vagina are the clitoris and the little nerve plexus that tends to sit on the anterior surface of the pelvic wall, often called the “G-spot” by laymen. If she’s passed the litmus test, I go straight for these two hot spots. If not, then I work my way around them and tease her until she is ready. These two areas cati best be stimulated with the digits and the Johnson— after all that is what it was made for. Some more advise: when putting on a condom (if you are going to use

one), be quick, natural and graceful, not slow, clumsy and awkward— lest you break the mood and have to repeat some steps.

Build up the anticipation the last few moments before intercourse and let her know with verbalizations and gestures how awesome the first few moments of intercourse are for you. Just the physical act of sexual intercourse by accentuating a sense of vulnerability and submissiveness may in and of itself be arousing for the woman, if you are performing well. Many women often like the feeling of being overwhelmed, crushed or held down. It is as much a psychological turn on as well as a physical one. It gives them a feeling of being conquered, of being out of control, of being taken. Alternatively, she can feel sexually stimulated in certain positions in which she decides the parameters of the action-how fast, how hard, how deep. You have to get to know a woman, her body and what she likes very quickly to do a good job. That means trying different things until you find something she likes. I find that simultaneous digital and penile stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot during intercourse is the best way of taking a woman to the next phase-orgasm. But don’t forger her other senses. I find that a lot of women like to watch the intercourse. It reinforces in their mind the reality and animal nature of the act. And I cannot tell you how many women I have brought to orgasm by talking dirty to them. I usually start off slowly at first and see how they react. If they like it I continue not forgetting her other senses. I also find that a lot of women like to be manipulated during intercourse. By repositioning their legs, grabbing them by the hair, making urgent thrusts during intercourse and by lifting them and placing them into a variety of sexual positions you show off you strength and virility and really turn her on.

The orgasm phase is achieved by the techniques I have described above when performed well. It can be preceded by a variety of things including unconscious verbalizations, breath holding, muscle tension, feelings of guilt or ecstasy, etc. Her orgasm is heralded by an involuntary set of contractions of the pelvic musculature, which results in a pleasurable cortical sensation that despite all of our medical knowledge is still poorly understood. It can last a variable length of time depending on the woman, the stimuli, environment, number of previous orgasms and where she is in her monthly cycle. And you’ll know when it happens. A woman can’t fake an orgasm anymore than a man can, despite what she may tell you. Afterwards comes the refractory phase— during which further sexual stimulation may actually be felt to be undesirable. Oxytocin, a hormone that is in high concentration in the blood stream of a woman while she’s breast feeding is also typically released following orgasm. This hormone helps to promote bonding between mother and child. It is responsible for a woman’s subjective need to be held following orgasm. This is a physical as well as psychological need.

Women often are capable of multiple orgasms if given the right environment, state of mind and stimuli, but they often are satisfied with only one. That’s because most guys don’t know what they’re doing in bed or don’t care. Oftentimes you will meet some women who have never had an orgasm or at least never had one when they weren’t masturbating. If you do a good job in bed, you will be rewarded. Trust me. She will want to make sure that you are satisfied even more than she is. I’ve met some women who’ve feel so guilty and vulnerable, because I’ve made them feel so good, that they were willing to do anything to get me to feel the same about them. And the sex was that much better. You’ll make and name for yourself, and the chick will stick around because in her mind, it could never get any better than this.

Footnote: Just as your diet, caffeine and nicotine intake make a differnce in your scent or body odor, it also makes a difference in how your orgasmic fluids taste and even how much fluid you have to give.  Take a tip from the porn stars.  Eating celery for whatever reason, increases the amount of your ejaculated fluid.  Juices that are low in acide and high in sugar taste better for your girl.  Things like apple juice and pine apple juice make you taste better.  And for any girl with a cum fetish, this will be all important.  Be a hero and taste good too.

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