How to be a Sugar Daddie


Sooner or later, the Y is going to be harder and harder to get.  You are getting older, heavier, less active—yet wiser, more experience, better in bed and richer…  If you are fortunate and wise, you will start to date women who value a man with financial resources.

This is not a bad thing—it’s a good thing.  You are going to be at different places in life.  She will be in college, no money, little experience, curious about the world and everything in it, longing for more than her 20 year old waiter boyfriend with the beat up Honda can give her.  The world at her feet, the scamper she sitting on worth her wait in gold, not a clue how the world works— but she knows that she’s young and hot and that she’ll get lots of attention because she’s young and hot.  If she’s savvy, she’ll work it so that she can get all she can, while she’s the youngest, prettiest girl in the room.  If she’s clueless at the start, she’ll soon figure this out, as long as she has two brain cells to rub together. For most American girls, that doesn’t happen until they turn 30 or they have had their first kid. I am allergic to single mothers and old chicks, so I take a pass and opt for the much younger, hotter chick who values a man with my talents and resources.

The sugar in sugar daddie comes from the honey (read “money”) that you spend on her to keep her happy and satisfied in return for her keeping you happy and satisfied.  The daddie come from the special attention she gives you for the sugar.  I have had experience being a sugar daddie.  At first, I didn’t like it.  It was hard for me to accept.  I would say to myself, “I am still young and handsome, I still get runkled for free God Damn it.  I shouldn’t have to “pay” for it.  I don’t have to give up the sugar to get the daddie.”  But I was naïve and proud—just plain foolish.  There is nothing wrong with spoiling and helping out the Y in return for a little something something in return. It’s a fair trade. Just don’t be a punk. IE– No special attention for daddie means no money for your honey. Don’t pay for anything, if you aren’t getting something out of the arrangement of value to you. Keep your guard up. But don’t be paranoid or uptight either.

If she wants to go shopping, take her.  If she want to go to Florida or the Bahamas or LA, get on a plane with her and go.  If she needs a little help paying for school, or with her car note or for groceries, step up to the plate.  One way or another, you pay for play.  Whether or not it’s in a professional capacity (like it is in Tailand or Brazil), in a dating capacity (where you are paying for diners, drinks and partying), or whether you are playing the role of sugar daddie—you always pay.  Accept it.  It’s OK. Just don’t be a punk!

She has the scamper, therefore she makes the rules.  You can’t and won’t force things on her the way you may want them to be.  She’s in control of the sugar, and there’s nothing you can do, EXCEPT control her with the daddie services.  You make it clear either subtly or not so subtly that if she wants the sugar, she has to give up for daddie.  You have to assert your control and keep it.  That means either giving her a little taste of the sugar first in return for the daddie, or giving and taking simultaneously.  You never give up significant amounts of sugar with no daddie play.  It’s unacceptable.