Hoboken, New Jersey


Hoboken is just a short trip from New York City across the Lincoln or Holland Tunnel. It is a little known hot spot except for those who live in the New York/New Jersey area. It is said that there are more bars and cheesy women in the square mile that makes up Hoboken’s downtown than anywhere else in the United States of America, and most of it is on Washington between 1st and 14th! They should’ve named this town Ho Pokin’! Weekends are the only time to go, when the place is packed with pretty girls from North Jersey and lots of guido types looking for the same thing you are.  Beware the big-haired girls in this part of the country, cheesy chicks with low IQ’s and hair that will not budge in 40 mile per hour winds. They’re everywhere and tend to prefer the, big, Italian kids who drive Iroc Z’s and have names like Anthony Carmeniolo Buttafuco Jr.  Hoboken Bar and Grill, Bahama Mommas, Nine, Black Bear, 340 Grill, Green Rock, Luiou, the W Hotel lounge, Trinity and Mile Square are all good places.  Don’t get complacent in this town. You’ve got to work quickly and early to get the best chicks.  This town is fairly non-pretentious, and there are a lot of professional women here.  So with any luck, she may actually pick up the check, and you’ll still get laid.  Wu!

God Damn Factor 8.S