Hitting on Women


It’s tough hitting on women. I mean it should be fun, but at times, it feels like a lot of work. Do what ever you have to do, in order to maximize your chances of success. For example: You may not be the most spontaneous or humorous guy on earth. One day you may find yourself on a beach with the hottest chick in the history of the world laying out right in front of you. You’ve got to meet her, but you don’t know what to say. In this and similar situations, it’s OK to plan out whole conversations, as you expect them to develop. That way things go much more smoothly and naturally. You’ll feel much more confident, and the girl will feel much more comfortable. This isn’t all that hard to do. Most first conversations are pretty conventional anyway.

It’s similar with online dating. Your opening email as well as the first few emails you exchange back and forth can be scripted. Use the same scripts with strippers, waitresses, girls you meet out in bars and clubs that work. She doesn’t know you have used the same lines on other girls beforehand. She is just meeting you for the first time, so who cares if your wingman gets bored with you using the same lines. Those lines work!

But if you really want to make a good impression, so that later you can make an better impression in private, do something unconventional and set yourself apart from the other PB’s who undoubtedly have their eye on that same chick. What you do is unimportant. What is crucial is that you do something. Say something. Anything! There’s an old saying; ‘Faint hearts never won fair maidens.” What I mean is; You have to take a shot, if you ever expect to score in this game. A man has got to have confidence in himself! You have got to seize the opportunities you are given in life. Carpe diem, as they say. That means if you see the girl you’ve always wanted working in a boutique in Milan, you had better roll up, or wonder “What if?” for the rest of your life.

Here’s a sobering fact that will motivate you the next time you are in need of some motivation: most men historically wind up marrying women who they went to school with or who they met at work, church or the gym. (This was especially true before the advent of online dating and social networking websites, but still mostly holds true.) Now just think about how few women are in that typical dating pool relative to how many women are out there in places you may have never even been. You have got to get out there, look around a little bit and take some chances. You’re a man, and men are natural hunters. But somehow in the passionless day-to-day bullshit of our lives, we sometimes lose that primal instinct that is so necessary in this game. Most of the time you have absolutely nothing to lose (except a little ego) by exercising a little sortie on a girl you want to meet. If she gives you the Heisman, so what. She’s the one who missed out on a great runkle. It’s her loss. Keep your head up and move on.

No matter what country you are in, the hottest girls tend to have boyfriends who they’re loyal to, or if they don’t, aren’t looking for one. Don’t get discouraged and give up right away just because a chick doesn’t seem to be into you. There may still be a good chance that you’ll have a shot at her anyway, if not now then sometime in the near future. I have known many a squid who gave up the fight too early only to find out that some other more-persistent PB scooped her after a little more effort. But know when to say when. If you get the hint that you’re wasting your time, exercise sound judgment and know when to say when.