Hitting on the Help


This is a skill all self-respecting PB’s must seek to master. Many of the times, the women who are working in whatever bar, restaurant or club that you go to are the most attractive ones there. I have been to plenty of bars and clubs where THE ONLY hot girls were the ones working. This happens all the time, as attractive Y is often drawn to work in the service industry, because it is easy, pays cash, has late hours, flexible schedules, etc– just a perfect profession for a young, pretty, maybe a little immature and irresponsible girl. So you have to master the art of hitting on the help.

You have an awesome situation when you hit on the help. You have a girl who a waitress, bartender, stripper, whatever, and she is more or less a captive audience. She has to talk to you, whether she wants to or not. So when you banter on, remember this; Be witty, interesting, funny, flattering and cool. Don’t be like every other PB who just tells her how pretty she is! Dare to be different. Dare to stand alone. Do something outrageously awesome and memorable to set yourself apart. Remember, she meets men all the time, and they are all trying to get in her pants.

Waitresses in all the PB hangout spots like Hooters, Twin Peaks, Winghouse, Third Base, Bone Daddy’s, Burger Girl, strip clubs, etc. are typically young and hot. An easy word of advice; go to hit on the help on off peak hours– early in a shift or late in a shift, off meal time hours, after happy hours is over, before the late night crowd shows up at the club, etc. These are times when it is quieter, less busy and she has to time to hang out with you.  Its much easier to hit on the help, when they actually have the time to spend with you and not running around taking food orders, mixing drinks, etc.

My rule with hitting on the help, is that I need 5 minutes of her undivided attention (which can be broken up as long as the aggregate is 5 minutes), in order to convince her that I am not the average PB, and that she should give me the time of day, her number and a date. You need to master this quick seduction in order to be successful with hitting on the help, as her time will more than likely be limited.