Hitting on Other Girls Who are Traveling


You are going to meet some beautiful girls while traveling abroad— especially in Europe during the summertime. You are going to find that sometimes they are better looking than the locals, and you just won’t be able to pass up the chance to scam on them for whatever reason. Maybe it’s because you’re tired of struggling with another language, or maybe the girl lives or goes to school somewhere close to you back home, so you can follow up with her easily. Who knows? There could be all kinds of reasons. The scamming among traveling backpackers usually happens in the big touristy cities like Paris, London, Rome and Amsterdam or on the popular beaches like the Greek Islands, Costa del Sol and French Riviera. The most likely places to meet are in the youth hostels, pensions, museums, or out at the bars and discos that cater to English-speakers. Keep in mind that often times a girl who may otherwise be apprehensive about hooking up with a guy she doesn’t know all that well, may do just that when travelling on holiday. Maybe the place you are at that moment is hell romantic, and you work the charm like a champion PB. Maybe she’s feeling adventurous and aggressive now that she’s away from home. Maybe she’s thinking that her boyfriend back home won’t ever find out. Take advantage of the situation.

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