Hamburg, Germany


The best city to go in Germany for women is Hamburg. Hamburg is my favorite for two reasons: It has its own red-light district (although no where near as famous as Amsterdam’s), and the women here are good-looking by German standards due to its proximity to Scandinavia and mixing of the gene pool. The gene pool down in the red-light district needs a little chlorine, so be careful! On top of that this is a hot spot for the modeling industry during the summer time, as are Paris and Milan. It’s expensive here, but if you really want to see the best that Germany offers as far as women are concerned, open up the wallet a be ready to drop a little cash. The red light district centers on Herbertstrabe. This place is unique in as far as I know, it is the only place in the world (the US Navy’s Tailhook bash aside) where according to municipal law women are absolutely, positively not allowed to go, unless of course they’re working. (All working women have to show a permit in order to enter this neighborhood.) Yes, Germans take their runkling very seriously. Like Amsterdam, Honolulu and Las Vegas this is a great place to be, if you support the world’s oldest profession. There is a perfect atmosphere here: lots of sailors and business businessmen, due to the Hamburg’s enormous port. If you are going to check out one titty bar here, let it be Safari on the Repeerbahn.

A ton of babe-watching can be done in the big shopping districts of Bleichenhof, SpitalerstraBe and Hanseviertel, along with the multitude of cafes in and around Jungfernstieg and Gansemarkt Plazas, Grobneumarkt, Rodningsmarkt and Rathaus Square. The best place to go at nighttime is without a doubt the Reeperbahn in the St. Pauli District. Yes, this is where St. Pauli beer comes from. This street houses many places of ill and not so ill repute and is the destination of most travelers to Hamburg who are in search of a little YP they don’t have to pay for. My favorites are Grobe Freiheit 36 and the Mojo Club on the Reeperbahn and the Havana Bar by the Fish Market. The YP can be found by the university on Grindelalee and Schanzenstrabe especially at Cafe Schone Aussichten on Gorch-Frock-Wall.

God Damn Factor 7.5