Gronigen, the Netherlands


Gronigen is a hang out in a bar, drink cheap beer and scam on giant-sized girls kind of place in addition to being home of one of Holland’s more popular universities. The main buildings of the university are just off of Academie Broer and Oude Boteringestraat. Head here during the day, walk in any direction and you are likely to run into a branch of the university, since it is disjointedly spread out all over the city. All of the good bars, and I mean all of them, are on Poelestraat and Peperstraat just off of the city’s main square. Go door to door like a Jehovah’s Witness and check each one out. Unlike a Jehovah’s Witness, settle down where you find the best booty. The students mostly head home for the weekends. So being that this is basically a university town, be sure to visit during the week. As in most college towns, Thursday night is best. Plan your itinerary accordingly, unless you want to spend your time with the big-haired locals that take over the bar scene on the weekends. Herestraat is the main street while runs right through the city center. It’s packed with stores, places to eat, and places to meet beautiful girls from Northern Holland. When it’s warm outside, there are carnivals and outdoor markets in Vismarkt just west of here. Definitely be sure to check them out. There is an awful lot of mighty fine, local Dutch YP walking around.

God Damn Factor 8.5