I think I’ve discovered why Greece will always be a third world country. Life here seems to revolve around eating, laying out naked on a beach and runkling. Now Greek women are surprisingly some of the most beautiful in the world.  I came here for the 2004 Olympics and I was shocked and the honeys.  Hitting on Greek women is tough though because of the profound language barrier. Greece is also home to tons of young, hot European babes come here to tan, drink and party on the Greek Islands during their summer holiday. The Greek mainland is amazing.  A mix of history and modernization. The ancient Olympics were, after all, a long time ago. But expect some improvements real soon as the 2004 Olympic Games finally coming home again. Any of the bars and clubs in and around the Acropolis, as well as the trainstations are great places to meet beuatiful Y from Greece.  You may want to check out the resort town of Glyfada just outside of Athens. It is the closest thing the mainland has to a Greek Island atmosphere. Sadly, it falls way short. So don’t bother staying any longer than you have to, if you have to be there at all. Protective Greek fathers send their daughters away for the summer— leaving the islands bereft of its indigenous beauties.

Oftentimes the best opportunities to line up the chicks you will hopefully soon be runkling is on the way to and traveling between the islands. Change plans on the spur of the moment and head to whatever island the cute women are headed. When island hopping, you have to be flexible. Don’t expect to stick to a super-tight schedule. Remember you are essentially in a third world country. Schedules tend to run at whatever times are most convenient for the Greeks. Most of the islands are accessible in the summer months via ferries, hydrofoils, catamarans and passenger boats from Brundisi or Piraeus. Buying a ticket to stand, sit or lay on the deck in the sun with the other scabs is less expensive and probably a lot smarter than buying a 1st or 2nd class ticket, since the girls tend to be on deck as well. If you don’t want to spend the enormous amount of time taking the train down the length of Italy from points further North, you can generally book inexpensive flights from big airports like those in London, Paris or Amsterdam to Athens. Once there, you can arrange transport to the Islands.

Finding a places to sleep on the islands in high season can be an adventure in and of itself. There are hotels, pensions, youth hostels and campsites to bed in and many chicas to bed with. Don’t worry if you can’t find room in your backpack for the sleeping bag you brought in Italy. Just get rid of your clothes. Most all of the islands have beaches set aside for those who choose to go without tan lines. These beeches are generally marked with a sign at the entrance “FKK”. But be careful. Many of the people on the beach should really have left their clothes on, and some are of a sexual orientation that does not interest the man that would be reading this book. When Greek Island hopping, finding the best places to rankle really depends on the population of immigrant female island goers. The Greek Islands of Mykonos, Ios, Paros, Santorini and Corfu, are almost always good throughout the summer. Not only are the islands packed with freshly tanned, drunk, backpacking YP, it’s also cheap as hell to eat, drink and sleep. The parties here are non-stop, all night, every night from late July to early August, when hordes of Europeans, Ausi’s, Australians and Americans (both North and South) show up. This is Europe’s Spring Break, as close to “animal house” as this continent comes. It definitely doesn’t get any better than this. And for all of you readers who are used to the American spring break scene, each one of these islands has a “twin” back west.

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