Great Places to Meet Women


When I was younger, I couldn’t wait until I was older, or at least until I had a decent fake ID that said I was, so that I could go out to bars and clubs to meet women. What I didn’t realize was that although these are common places to meet women, they’re definitely not the only places, and oftentimes aren’t the greatest places either. The reason I mention where the shopping districts, beaches and universities are located in certain cities is because those are great places to meet women. These places offer several advantages over bars and clubs.

They are usually full of young, beautiful women— some of whom may be too young to patron bars and clubs. A lot of women you meet in these places may not usually frequent bars or clubs, because they don’t like them or won’t go without a date. I have met many a fine chica who wouldn’t go out by themselves or with girlfriends, because they hated getting harassed by PB’s trying to get runkled. I’ve also met some women who wouldn’t go out with someone they met in a bar or a club, because they didn’t feel comfortable doing so. The girls who you meet in these places are not going to have their guard up, ready to heisman any bold PB, like they would in the bars and clubs. Girls are much more likely to be alone or in small groups in these places and are therefore much more approachable. On top of that you can be much more casual in conversation when you don’t have to shout over ridiculously loud club music. All of these things make your job much easier.

Although frequenting shopping centers, beaches and universities can increase your chances meeting beautiful women, you can expect to meet women just about anywhere at anytime. Keep in mind that while traveling, oftentimes the best places to meet women are in trains, planes, buses, subways, grocery stores, youth hostels, cafes, restaurants, malls, stores, church, wherever. I’ve often met beautiful women unexpectedly en route to my destination. Traveling on the train in Europe during the summertime, for example, can oftentimes be a great place to meet the Y. They may long to hang with someone from back home (or from somewhere else), want to swap stories, or share information, share a meal, share travel expenses, etc. Be flexible and plan a detour to where she’s going or be convincing and get her to follow you wherever you’re going, if you smell a rankle could come out of a new acquaintance.