Graduation Break, USA


Every year, chicks from the US will head to traditional spring break spots at the end of the academic year. From early May to mid June places like the Bahamas and Cancun are full of recent college and high school graduates on vacation. Oftentimes the craziness approaches what it would be on spring break. Except, there are a lot more women, and in general there are a lot fewer PB’s competing for all of that available booty. High school graduates tend to be in big co-ed groups chaperoned by somebody’s parents, but often are available for runkling. They tend to be excited just to be able to go out to a club and have a drink. The college graduates are of course, free game, plentiful and available. I would not miss out on checking it out at least once.

Most all of these destinations, especially Cancun and the Bahamas are good places to go most anytime of the year, because they are very popular destinations for long weekend getaways, short, impromptu vacations and the like for young professional women. A lot of them who work in large cities will take off just about any time to get some sun and relax. Obviously, the girls are a little older, but if the seriously YP is getting too hard for you to pouch these days, this could be a great call. Remember, even when they’re older and making a living in their chosen career, girls tend to be much friendlier and much more likely to runkle a stranger on vacation, while they are away from their lives and in a good mood.

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