Ft. Myers, Florida USA


Ft. Myers, Florida USA is a few hours south of Tampa, Florida USA by car. It isn’t worth a special trip at all unless you have a hook up at Florida Gulf Coast University. The girls here are relatively decent looking, but what college girls in Florida don’t look good? There is a small beach on campus by the water. Check it out to mack on the Y sunbathing on the sand after class. It’s a small school and relatively new. Most of the decent bars and restaurants are close to campus. Malony’s Sports Bar is good on Thursday nights, the universal college night of the week. If you meet the girls on the volleyball team at FGCU, pile them in the car and take them down to Blue Martini in Naples and look like a stud to the valet guys– as the car full of 6 foot tall college girls in LBD’s in high heels pour out of the car.

God Damn Factor 7.5