French Riveira


A higher yield can be found in the South of France on the French Riviera in the cities of Monte Carlo, Nice, Marsielle and Cannes. If some French chick on the beach blows you off (and believe me, more often than not, she will), so what? They’re plenty of other half-naked, hot, French chicks walking around. Plus, you’ve seen her hooters. That usually costs you dinner and a six pack in the US! If you’ve got a good body to show up the French guys, you may get lucky. Believe me. That’s not hard to do! Most of these guys are Jean Claude van Dorks. Maybe if they spent more time in the gym and less time chowing box… If you don’t get lucky with the French girls than hopefully you will with some of the many other foreigner chicks visiting the beaches of the French Riviera for their holiday. There are other towns in the French Riviera which I don’t mention, including Marsielle, St Raphael, Frejus and Juan Les Pins. A visit to these cities may be worthwhile, if only for a day, especially Juan Les Pins— some smokin’ booty.


Nice has the best nightlife of any of the cities in the French Riviera. A lot more tourists stay overnight in Nice, because day trips are possible to other towns on the Riviera, like Cannes and Monte Carlo, using Nice as a “home base”. The beach here actually made of little pebbles, not sand— meaning there tend not to be some many hot chicks laying out tanning their nipples. The shopping districts are on Avenue Jean Medecin and Boulevard Gambetta. Stroll through the promenade des Anglais hoping to find that French honey you never did in Paris. The nightlife centers in the Old Town (Vieux Nice). As in Spain, the price of admission to the clubs here usually includes your first drink. The best places to go early night are Les 3 Diables on Saleya, Quartz Underground on rue de Congres and Jonathans on rue de la Loge. The best clubs in Nice include the Hot Spot on Cite du Pare and Metal City on Quai des Etats-Unis. As in Paris, reserve your rooms before you arrive, if visiting during the summer months.

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