Fraidy Kat


I don’t know why any man would travel to a foreign country and only eat at restaurants that served food he was accustomed to, or drink the same beer he could get back home, or most of all, scam chicks he meets abroad who he can get back home instead of trying to work some of the local babes. Now I can understand that every once in a while you’re going to have a craving for Burger King and Budweiser, if your alternative is sushi and sake. I can even understand if there is a particularly hot chick in your hostel from your country, who would be foolish to pass up on, if you had the chance to hook up. What I don’t understand is the guy who passes up hot, local booty for the booty he’s used to, because he lacks the sack or the initiative to roll up on a local chick. I’ve seen it happen, and I think it’s pathetic. I’ve even seen some guys bring a girl with them when they traveled, so that they could rankle when they wanted to without the pressure of having to recruit some local booty.