Florida USA


First off, the greatest thing about spring break in Florida is that the quality of women here is unbelievable. The worst thing is that there aren’t that many of them relative to all PB’s who flock here year after year. On top of that, unlike other spring break spots outside the United States, you cannot drink until you are 21 years old. Even if you have a fake ID, the girls may not. Although, they may be able to get into the bars if they are 18 or over, they still cannot buy alcohol. But don’t let this discourage you. Most of the hottest women here are the models working in the bars, doing promotions for beer companies or entering the bikini and wet tee-shirt contests. They work during spring break because they make tons of money, not to hook up with horny PB’s. But you never know. You may get lucky. Some not-so-hot ladies may come around to your hotel room trying to sell you these “spring break package passes” that get you into certain bar, clubs, gyms, etc for the week. They are actually a good deal, if you plan on hitting it hard, and ofcourseyouare!

So vehement were my Harvard buddies that I accompany them to Florida on spring break junior year, that they pulled the ultimate prank. I had the MCAT’s coming up in three weeks, and I hadn’t studied at all. So after weeks of planning this trip, I had to bail^so 1 could study. This did not go over well with my fraternity brothers. So as I stood outside the van saying farewell to my buddies and wishing them luck with the girlies, I was suddenly shoved inside. In seconds I had brothers on each limb and the fattest lying across my chest. Someone took my keys, went up to my room and quickly grabbed my study guides, before peeling out onto the road. They held me down for an hour on the Mass Pike, until I promised I wouldn’t try to get away. Now those are true friends! I had a great time, but panicked and studied feverishly upon my return. I wound up doing well on the MCAT’s and getting into medical school just the same. There is a lesson in here somewhere. Perhaps it’s that you can do everything you want, and that reviewing your anatomy with a hot piece of box is a lot more fun than re-reading a text book. You’re be sure to graduate magna cum loudly come May!

God Damn Factor 9.0