Florence, Italy


Florence is a beautiful place, I’d even say exquisite. The artwork here is absolutely priceless and unmatched in all the world, and for once, I am not talking about the women! The River Arno runs south of downtown. Shops around the Duomo (the Cathedral) are the best places to scam on the chicas shopping for what you’re hopefully going to be taking off later. They’ve got everything from Versace to Dolce and Prada to Max Mara. Now I am not the kind of guy who spends $400US on a T-shirt designed by a homosexual, no matter how tragically he may have died, but as any well-traveled PB

knows where there is high fashion and great leather goods, there is hot booty. Florence, like Rome, is a big college town. But unlike Rome, the Italian women generally check out of this city during the summer months, especially August. A lot of them head to the beaches on the Italian Riviera or elsewhere to work on their strapless tans. So although you will meet plenty of international booty here sampling the sights in Florence, there may be few Italian babes to rap on if you visit in the summertime.

Check out the local YP in the University Quarter in and around Via San Gallo and Via Cavour. To meet some of the beautiful, Italian women who live here year-round, head to Piazza Dell Republica or Piazza Singnoria (that is not pronounced “Pia Zadorra,” jerky!), which are very popular during the day, along with Piazza Santo Spirito on Monday nights. Check out Lo Sfizzio on Lungarno Cellini and Space Electronic on Via Palazzuolo come nightfall. When it’s late on a weekend, you have to check out Meccano Meccano, a club so good they named it twice. It just takes a minute to full out the ridiculous “membership applications” to gain entry. It’s a huge club, it rocks on any given weekend night, and it’s very Italian. The Piazza San Giovanni, Plaza San Spirito Via dei Calzaiuoli and Via Roma are good places to look for foreign booty on holiday here in the summertime. Head to museums like the Uffizi and Accademia and do some sightseeing along with all of the other backpacking chicas. If you want to meet one of the loads of US and other foreign students studying here in the university at any given time head to the Stonhenge on Via Dell Amorino or the Red Garter on Via D. Benci early evening. The Park district also has various student haunts. Ask around. If you are going to finally have that one, decent Italian meal you promised yourself, this is the place to do it. Things are a little more reasonably priced here than they are in many other major Italian cities. Eat at a decent restaurant, try some pasta, olives, chianti, cappichino and gellati.

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