Finland and Iceland


In my opinion there isn’t too much of a reason to make a trip to either one of these countries. Not only are they really out of the way, they have horribly strict rules about alcohol consumption and tightly regulate the hours of operations of the bars and discos. Most of the beautiful, bright women in these countries take off anyway, leaving meager pickings for the curious young man who travels here in search of YP. The women in Iceland aren’t bad looking at all, but I couldn’t justify the long trip to see for myself, when you consider that the women can be just like the weather out there— cold as hell. Remember, it’s ICEland, dumbass! Finland is easily reachable by train, but again I ‘m not sure if it is worth the trip. There tend to be like two totally different populations here, most likely due to the proximity to the former Soviet Union. Some inhabitants are tall and blonde— some are short and dark. But most of the Johnsons of the PB’s who visit here wind up cold and limp. On top of that Finish girls tend to be the incredibly jealous, psycho types. Trust me on this one. If you are going to visit these countries, bring back up.

God Damn Factor 7.5