Finding Cinderella


Believe it or not, she does exist. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the most precious girls any PB has ever laid eyes on. My favorite was a girl named Lymaris. She was 17 years old, totally gorgeous and completely unadulterated. I met her on a beach in Puerto Rico. I consider myself extremely lucky to even have met her, since her father basically locked her up in house after school everyday to keep the boys away. He succeeded. Before I met Lymaris, she had never gone out on a date, never kissed anyone and had never been courted. She didn’t have the greatest relationship with her parents— especially her father who oftentimes was verbally abusive to her and never let her do anything outside the house. But at least when she was with me and away from home, she was happy. At first I could only see her in secret during the daytime, when her father was at work. Then eventually Mom and Dad allowed her to go out with me, if we were accompanied by a chaperone. Finally after some cajoling, her parents allowed us to see each other alone.

I loved that girl. Everything she ever said to me was sincere and from the heart. She was never manipulative, because she didn’t know how to be. She wasn’t from the wealthiest of families, so everything I ever did for her was truly appreciated. I’ll never forget as I said my final good-bye to her, before I left the island, she told me that she would miss me very much and that she loved me. I’ve heard those words from many women before and since then, but I’m sure that they have never been said to anyone with more sincerity, than when Lymaris spoke them to me. If your lucky, you’ll run into one or two girls like this your whole lifetime. Hopefully you’ll be smart enough, to marry one of them.

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