Let’s face it. When most people think of traveling abroad, they think of going to Europe. That’s because it’s old, there are a lot of things to do and see, and everyone thinks of it in very romantic terms. There are literally tons of books having to do with travel in Europe— mostly geared towards older folks who look forward to traveling, when they retire and are too old to have any real fun, but who have a lot more money to blow than the average young man. If you peruse any bookstore you will be sure to see more than just a few books having to do with travel in Europe. (None but this one discusses European women!) The very best of these for the young man traveling abroad is Let’s Go, Europe by Harvard Student Agencies. Now I am definitely not endorsing this book because it is written by the dorks I once went to school with, but because it contains invaluable specific information on what to bring, where to find accommodations, where to eat, how to get legal and medical help far from home, budget travel, names and addresses of important offices and agencies, a little history, prices for a variety of goods and services, etc. In my opinion, it’s well worth the purchase price. They’ve also published a Let’s Go, USA book, which is also useful.

Most everyone who has done some traveling has been to Europe, so you’re sure to find plenty of people who will give you advice about how to do it right. Most young travelers secure a discount ticket from a city on the eastern coast of the US and by a Eurorail Pass, which will allow them to travel by train in Europe as much as they want for a preset, prepaid price. There are several different kinds of passes offered, but most buy the one or two month pass that allows an unlimited amount of travel on the continent. Contact your travel agent or your local International Youth Hostel for details.

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