El Paso, Texas


If you love Mexican girls, this is the place for you. This is a border town with all of the problems that a border town has; crime, illegal immigrants, drug smugglers, gun shots flying across the border from the the Mexican side– threatening your health and well being. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Whatever you do in El Paso– don’t be an idiot. DO NOT get convinced to visit the Mexican side of the border for any reason– unless you want to get kidnapped, killed or worse– tortured before you were killed…

Downtown El Paso has been revived a bit.  It used to be a total shit hole, but now old, run down abandoned warehouses have been converted to swanky night clubs.  Brick and Mortar, Plum and Shadow are great places to meet the Y. Don’t be shy and brush up on your Espanol before hand. But don’t piss of that tattooed, heavy-set, mean looking Mexican sitting with his homies in VIP by talking to his girl. You don’t want to get shot heading back to your car that night– seriously. I’m not joking. During the day, check out University of Texas- El Paso (UTEP) for the Y and line it up for later that evening. Besides that, don’t bother trolling around looking for girls. They typical local 19yo girl already has a couple of kids and a jealous baby daddy. Boo– ya…

God Damn Factor– 7.5