To drink or not to drink? That should never be the question. You only need to contemplate how much you are going to drink. Alcohol has many names and faces but the only one you need to know is “liquid courage”. If you need to drink to loosen up a little bit or because you are too nervous or intimidated to approach a girl you want to meet than by all means do so, strap one on and roll up on the honeys. But just don’t think of drinking as merely a means to an end. After all drinking should be fun. I’m just saying that it can be practical as well. Drink enough to start feeling confident and outgoing, but don’t overdo it. You may wind up hooking up with someone who is less than beautiful, or worse embarrassing yourself with some hot piece of Y who is. Drooling, staggering and vomiting generally aren’t turn on’s to most girls. A lot of PB’s do dumb things when they’re drunk. None is dumber than drinking and driving. Be smarter than that.

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