Destin, Florida USA


If you find yourself in Destin, check out Aqua and Blue Point on the weekends.  McGuires at times is decent.  Check out the several hundred thousand dollar bills stapled to the walls and ceilings.  Pat O’Brien’s (of New Orleans and the famous Hurricane cocktail fame) and Harry T’s, a cool spot on the water, are good.  The Hooters is pretty good here as well.  The YP is decent—all the hot daughters of the rich guys with the hot wives in this town.  The titty bars are decent here as well with Sammy’s being my favorite. Matador, Penthouse Place (a dance club), The Block (a country western bar) are good as well.  For watching sports and talking to cute waitresses, try John O’Quigleys.  AJ’s on the water is fun and has great live music, which draws out the Y, as does the Electric Cowboy. The Village is a good spot as well.  Oasis can be, but beware of the want to be strippers who are fully clothed dancing on the bars. But the hottest club here is Nightown. It’s the largest dance club in the area and it’s been hot for years. Once you have met a honey you like, take her to the Red Door, a little dive bar, to get cozy. If you want a little variety, check out the Village at Sandestin Resort, where there a several clubs and bars you can go to– all in the same area. Here you will find the Village Door with Vegas Style live entertainment and the Martini Bar where the cougars abound.

God Damn Factor 7.0x