Denver, Colorado USA


For those of you who are outdoor-lovin’ PB’s in search of some fine booty head to Colorado. Denver sits a mile above sea level in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, so the alcohol you drink may have a more pronounced effect when you are first exposed to atmosphere up here. The air is as thin as the women, as Colorado is the “most fit” state in the US. There is nary a fat chick to be found. Yes indeed, blonde hair, blue eyes and bad ass bodies abound. The girls here have tend to have great attitudes, eat right, work out constantly and really care about their bodies. There are also a lot of Native American and Mexican women up here, many of whom are partially of Scandinavian decent. That has made for some beautiful mutts that call this city and the surrounding communities, home.

The best places to hangout in Denver on the weekend when in search of local beaver that you can’t find in the mountains are the I Beam on Larimer Street, Wynkoop***, the Chopouse***, Enotaca*** and Catacombs on 13th and Spruce. The best titty bar in the city is probably Cheerleaders***. Yes, those are all real breasts, and yes, that is a 6’5 biker with an attitude blowing smoke in your face. Avoid the “Cheerleader Beer” that is made on the premises and which comes in blonde, brunette or red-head flavors, unless you want to puke up the elk and buffalo you had for dinner.

God Damn Factor 9.0