Daytona, Florida USA


Daytona’s Atlantic Avenue strip is every cheese head’s dream spring break destination. You can drive your low-rider onto the beach and cruise for honeys in thong bikinis during the day and scam on beautiful Budweiser beer girls at night. Some of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen have been those working spring break on Florida’s Daytona Beach. Check them out. As in other spring break hot spots in Florida, most bars and clubs are helmetfests, but if you take the time to venture off the most crowded areas of the beach you may strike gold. Alternatively, you can “strap one on” and roll up on the ones that are so hot, they seem impossible to get. Maybe you’ll get lucky. The three big clubs here are all together in the same building. Razzles and Aqua are the two big clubs these days.  The Hooters and WingHouse especially are excellent.  In fact the Wing House here is my favorite in the entire country.

God Damn Factor 9.5