Dating Black Women


Oh jeez…  Here we go.  Let me start by saying that I have a crazy white boy friend of mine, named JT.  JT loves black women.  He swears they runkle better, that they will do anything, say anything and just completely rock your world.  In many ways, he is right.  They have great bodies, they are irreverent, the are brash, bold and brazen and can be complete pains in the asses with attitudes to the ceiling.  But they will never bore you. And if they dig you hard, they will runkle you with reckless abandon.

Just be careful—that Black woman attitude can eat you alive.  They will try to manipulate you, guilt you and try to make you feel like as though you are the one who is lucky to be with them—not the other way around.  They are slick, clever and cunning.  You can get totally lost if you’re not careful.  I have a Jewish doctor friend of mine, Dr. Marty. He was addicted to Black women.  He loved the nah nah.  But he got played like a punk—even by younger Black women, who preyed on his insecurities, his lack of self-esteem and his fat wallet.  He got talked into taking these girls to expensive dinners, paying for exotic trips, buying them $3000 pure bred poodles, clothes, shoes, cars, whatever.  It was incredible. Don’t be a punk. Control that woman! Don’t let her control you with that nah nah…

Black women expect you to be strong, tough and no nonsense.  They respect and expect that out of you. Beta males will be eaten alive by these girls. And trust me, it will be painful. Look how Black men treat their own women and take note. If you don’t, and they smell blood, they will play you like the punk you most likely are.  Like Russian women, they want you to be a man!  Don’t take any nonsense.  Put your foot down.  You tell her the way it’s going to be—not the other way around.

Will you get better sex from Black women?  Most likely.  Let me play doctor for a minute and tell you that Black women naturally have higher testosterone levels.  This is a proven fact medically.  That means biologically and culturally, they are stronger and more aggressive– and yes, in the bedroom too.  They want it more.  They are up for anything.  When a White woman may say “ewww”, a Black woman will more likely say, “Sure!”.  German men LOVE Black women for this very reason.  I can’t tell you how many German men will make a bee line right for the Black girl in clubs, bars and restaurants.  It’s hysterical to see an crew cut wearing, Nazi looking blond haired blue-eyed German guy with a Black woman who is darker than charcoal.  What a crazy world.  I don’t make the rules.  I just play by them, detail them and list them here on this website for the world to see.