This is such an important subject that it deserves its very own section. Now I know what you’re going to say. Most dudes absolutely hate to dance. Personally, I wouldn’t mind doing it so much except for the fact that I sweat like a dog, when I dance in a crowded club, and sweat is generally not attractive to most women. But let me tell you, boys you have got to do it. It’s just a fact that chicks like to dance, while most PB’s like to hang out, drink beer and scam on the girls when they’re not dancing. Sometimes you’ve got to say it with your hips instead of your lips. I cannot tell you how many dipshit guys I’ve seen scoop hot babes just because they had the sack to get out there and move a little bit. Girls like to dance so much that they can seem to be able to have a good time when they get dressed up, go out to a club, and just dance with their friends. So take heed, boys. You got to get out there, if you want to get in there. If you can’t dance, just watch everybody else and imitate. The average chick will appreciate the effort, or at least you both will have a good laugh over the way you move. That may be all you need. If you need more incentive, many of the Latin American countries, the girls love to dance salsa, meringue and the tango. All of these dances are a one on one experience. This is a good thing, a very good thing. The rewards for your efforts can be measured by how often you have to go the drug stores to buy those little latex friends of yours.