Dallas, Texas USA


Dallas, Texas is perhaps the best big city in the Southern United States. The women here are beautiful. Remember that this is the city that began the great American institution called the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Dallas is like Atlanta in that it attracts women from all over the South come here to go to school, live and work. Dallas is in effect two cities in one, Forth Worth is so close by. The number of people to supply all of the bars and clubs in this city is daunting. The place to be in Dallas for YP is Yale Blvd near SMU— Southern Methodist University (So Many Unbelievable Chicks). This street is typical of many drags in American college towns (Like State St in Santa Barbara, Mill Ave in Phoenix and 6th Street in Austin in that there are a bunch of bars and clubs within a drunken stumble from each other. The Green Elephant is my personal favorite, but jump in anyone that catches your fancy— any bar, that is.

There are many other areas of the city where the babes abound including Uptown, Upper Middle and Lower Greenville Street on which you will find plenty of places to party and meet the Dallas Y.  The Bank, Black Fin and Lift are some of my favorite places these days.  Like LA and Vegas, most of the best looking women in Dallas work in the service industry—bartending and waitressing.  So one of my favorite things to do in Dallas is go to the multitude of soft  SOB (sexually oriented businesses) here and hit on the help.  Places like Bone Daddy’s, Twin Peaks, Jakes Hamburgers, Natural Sports Lounge, the Winghouse, Third Base and Hooters all call Dallas home. are excellent in Dallas, as these are the chosen places and professions for the Dallas YP to work.  The titty bars are far better than the ones in Houston these days.  There is the Men’s Club, the The one I like the most is a place called the Lodge—but don’t bother showing up before 9pm.  None of the decent looking girls show up that early. Baby Dolls at 10250 Shady Trail is pretty cool– even on Sundays.

In Uptown, there are some cool places.  The girls who work at the ZaZa Hotel are fine.  A short walk down the street you will find Black Friar and The Idle Rich, off of McKinney.  Take the hot chick you met to Nobu or Trulucks right there.

In nearby Addison, there are some places worth checking out.  The Hooters, Twin Peaks, Sherlocks and The Flying Saucer off of Beltline are all excellent.  Lots of YP with BFNT’s. Gloria’s is OK, if you get tired of hitting on the help. In nearby Grapevine, Bob’s Chop House has a decent selection of wine, so it’s a great place to bring that hottie who waited on you at the bar last night.

Downtown the hotels, clubs and bars tend to be older and pretentious, but check out the downtown Hooters. You won’t be disappointed. This is where all the hottest Hooters girls in Dallas come to get tipped well by the wealthy businessmen working downtown and who’s wives won’t let them stay out with their buddies at the gentleman’s club until late. Where a suit and a Rolex and be funny and entertaining to get anywhere with the ladies here. Four Lounge is my favorite place in the evenings downtown. Great place to bring the Y.

God Damn Factor 9.0

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