Corpus Christi, Texas USA


If you ever find yourself in Corpus Christi, have a bite to eat at the Hooters here, which is better during the summertime than during the school year, when all the pretty Y returns from college out of town. Head out to Ropers on Tuesday evenings for college night during the year.  Lots of YP!  OMG—just awesome.  It’s a typical country western/hip hop music scene.  Very clique, so you will have to work to meet the honeys.  Don’t be shy, player.  On Fridays, try The Reserve—right down the street.  It’s in the same complex as a titty bar—called The Palace, which is the best one in Corpus besides Cheetahs.  On the weekends, the bars and clubs on Chapperalla Street are decent, but a bit too much on the ghetto side for my taste.  For better results head downtown (on Water Street) on the weekends.  Bourbon Street, Aria, Martini Bar, Whiskey River, Toxic Clicks and the Voodoo House are pretty good.  If you find that pretty little chica you have been looking for, there is no where else better to take her to dinner that the Republic of Texas Restaurant on the top of the Omni Bayfront Hotel. Good wine, excellent service and panty-dropping views.

South Padre Island, the famous spring break spot for all of the southern college students, who don’t go to Panama City, is pretty dead at other times of the year.

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