Corfu, Greece


Corfu is also a good island to visit, although it is a little bit of a trip to get here from the continent. It’s packed with American, Ausi’s, British and Northern European backpacking YP. The center of the city is called “Corfu Town” and is the only place to hang out at night, get pissed and scam on the freshly-tanned babes. The best beaches are on the west coast and include Glifada, Pelekas and Mirtiotissa. But the best of them all is Agios Gordis. A lot of chicks tend to hang out in the southern part of the island in evening around Kavos and Messoighi, where the partying is much more intense. And everyone knows that the Pink Palace is the only place to stay while visiting this island. Some the Australian PB’s, I met while here never had to leave these walls for a rankle. It reminds me of spring break in Daytona, Florida.

God Damn Factor 8.5