Chicago, Illinois USA


Chicago is a guy’s town. Bars here tend to be full of guys who sit around, drink beer and talk about women and sports. But there are places to scam if you know where to look. The good thing about this place is that many of the good-looking women from the Midwest come here to live, work and go to school, because it really is the only reasonably international, cosmopolitan city in this area of the country. The bad thing about Chicago is that it is colder than hell. Winds coming from Canada (Damn, those Canadians!) sweep across the freezing water of the Great Lakes into Chicago and hence the city’s epithet, the “windy city”. The weather may be cold and rainy, but the women are warm and friendly. The only place I have ever been where girls came up to me in the bar and sat down with a pitcher of beer and asked me to have a drink with them!

If you are here in the summer, when it is warm outside, you will find there are numerous outdoor festivals held in this city, where you can try your luck with the mid-Western booty who finally gets to show it off, after the long winter has subsided. At night the places to be here are Rush and Division Streets, Bucktown and the North Side for the bars and clubs. The Chicago social scene is similar to Philadelphia’s in that it is very competitive, so step it up! My favorite places are Delilah’s on North Lincoln Ave, the Big Nasty on Lincoln Ave, El Jardin’s on North Clark Street, The Hang Uppe on West Elm Street, Clubby Bear on West Addison, the Baja Beach Club on East 3rd Street, Kincaids***, the Shelter on Fulton, the Wild Hare on Clark and Butch McGuire’s on Division Street. If you in town while a football or baseball game is going on and you don’t have tickets for the game, check out the Bull and Bear– a sports bar aptly named for the local sports teams which they support.

God Damn Factor 8.0