Cancun, Mexico Central America


“Can-cum” is crazy. If beer commercials were real, this would be where they happened. The girls who come here are the ones who take their partying seriously. The beaches are absolutely bad-ass amounts of fun during the day, and there are bikini and wet tee-shirt contests at every club, every night. The girls always start out wearing something, but almost without exception these contests go to the girls who look their best when absolutely naked. Check out Tequila Sunrise, Daddy O’s, La Boom and Senior Frogs— but remember, during Spring Break the party moves nightly. Keep your eyes and ears open so as not to miss out. Also check out the Playboy Casino (a $20 one time charge will get you in every night of your trip). It’s a little throw back to the days when Playboy and Heffner ruled the earth. The waitresses are from all over the world are all dressed up old school with the bunny ears and everything. There is a strip club here called Platino. The girls there are very international and they can be as platonic or intimate as you want and have the proper financial means for. There is also a second and third Platino location in Playa and Cozumel.

One of the bad things about Cancun is that you are under a time constraint with every chick you meet out, unless she’s staying in your hotel or one close by. That’s because the nightlife is spread out all over town, and the odds of running into a chick who you’ve already met on a previous night is almost nil. There are just too many spring breakers here. So work quickly and efficiently, lest the booty you work so hard to scam is lost to follow up. The beaches here are beautiful by Mexican standards much like they are in Los Cabos. The ratio can at times be unfavorable, and the chicks often are not as good-looking as those in the Florida or Texas for spring break. But, this is a favorite destination for serious YP. E-muff said.

Not to mention that it’s a popular destination for major US, South American and European cities due to its large airport, great year-round weather and abundance of hotels and condominiums available for rent. Most anytime of the year there will be hot, YP here on vacation— Americans in March and May, South Americans in January and February and Europeans in July and August.

God Damn Factor 9.0