Boulder, Colorado USA


The University of Colorado in nearby Boulder is where you find the Y in Colorado. Besides the university, the Pearl Street Mall is the place to work on the hot Boulder beaver. This small pedestrian street is lined with shops, eateries and bars. Don’t even think about lighting up. There is no smoking allowed anywhere indoors within the city limits. The best bars on Pearl Street include the Rio Grande, Marquee and Potters. And as usual in college towns, the best nights are Thursdays, as many students head to Denver or to the mountains on the weekend to take part in outdoor activities.

The locals you will meet in the summertime are very Scandinavian looking and annoyingly grunge. Everything is clean and safe and there is almost no crime. Everyone is in shape. They eat right, jog, hike, roller blade and power walk. There isn’t a fat chick to be found in the whole city. But oh, the bodies! I came here once with a friend of mine named John. Now John is a big, strong guy and a violent drunk, never a good combination. He got pissed one night at a girl who blew him off for some hippie dipshit who lived in the back of his Volkswagen smelled as if he hadn’t showered in a week. Well, John felt as though enough was enough, and on his way back to the fraternity house at CU, he decided to let everyone know how mad he was. Although he was about 100 yards away and out of sight, I could here the trail of destruction he was leaving behind. He kicked in the tire of a motorcycle, knocked down a sign, pulled off the door to one of those coin-operated newspaper dispensers and lifted up the back of a Honda Civic and put in on the side walk.

God Damn Factor 9.0