Body Language


Understanding and reading a woman’s body language is a vital skill to master as a PB.  The way the woman holds herself says a lot about her and what she is looking for, as well as how she feels about you.  A woman could stone cold lie straight to your face, but her body language will almost always give you insight into what she is really thinking and feeling. Here are some rules to learn, memorize and utilize when you are out and about trying to mac on the ladies;

Women who want to meet men in a bar or club will do the following;

1)    They will stand by busy walkways at the bar or club—in full view, and they will look around actively for the kind of men that spark their interest. Places they will congregate will be by the entrances, bathrooms, the bar side where one would order drinks, hallways between different sections of the club, etc. They do this subconsciously or occasionally consciously. They may as well be hanging a sign around their neck, saying “Please talk to me! I am available.” This is of course essentially what they are doing. They are advertising themselves to as many men as they can at the bar or club by standing in high traffic areas and facing the crowd.

2)    The don’t arrange themselves in a closed groups or circles of friends facing each other with backs to the general population– closed off the rest of the potential male suitors around them. Instead They stand or sit open toed and exposed to general population of the bar or club.  Chest out and up, hair tossed, hips facing towards the crowd. This kind of body language is meant to invite all the worthy PB’s in the room to come and say hello.

3)    Once you are engaged in conversation that hot little piece of Y, there is much more body language to look for. For example– if a girl is digging you hard, she will point her toes or arrange her feet on either side of you, when they talk. This is a sign of acceptance, trust and sexual attraction. She is subconsciously isolating you from the other women in the room and is in essence demanding all of your attention and affection for herself. Toes and feet turning away and walling you off, is a very bad sign. You can try to break down that barrier and may be successful. There has been many a chick in a bar, who initially walled me off, but accepted me open toed (and later on that night, open legged) after some magical and entertaining rap on my part. But if things aren’t going well, know when to cut your losses and move on.

4)    They will stare at you from across the room (especially true for Latin women). Eye contact is a very, very good sign, except when you have some other very obvious things for a girl to stare at you for– like a crazy hair do, or that loud silk, Indian smoking jacket you are wearing, or if a booger is hanging from your nose. If she is starring at your for the right reasons, go talk to her immediately– with confidence and machismo. For Latin people, eye contact is a the culturally accepted way of saying, “come over here and talk to me. If you don’t screw it up, I will runkle you for sure.” Maintained eye contact– IE starring is considered an act of sexual aggression on the woman’s part. Woo! Honestly, at a traditional Latin dance, boys will roam around the outside of the dance floor– trying to make eye contact with the girls that they like. If a girl response with holding eye contact a moment longer that what would otherwise be casual, that is an invitation from her to come over and ask her to dance.

5)    They will linger longer– meaning that they will just kind of hang around, regardless as to whether or not their friends are coming or going, or in are other parts of the club, or engaged talking to other guys, or want to leave, etc. Most all girls have are insecure and have self-esteem issues. For a girl to linger, when her friends have moved on, is a big deal. You are in!

Women who don’t want to meet me do the following;

1)    They stay hidden off in a cubby hole end of the bar which is quite and private. This means “stay away, I don’t want to talk to anyone.”

2) They don’t face you or the crowd. But instead wall themselves off to the rest of the club in their own little space with only their backs exposed. This means, “don’t bother me and leave me alone.”

3)    They are engaged in deep conversation with their friends and its obvious that they they are interested in only hanging out with their friends.

4) There is no eye contact what-so-ever. Again, this is bad.

5) They will leave and scoot off in a heart beat with the lamest of excuses as an alibi. Again the is very, very bad…