Biracial/Mixed Race Women


The female progeny of men and women of different cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds can be just drop dead gorgeous.  Even if the parents are ass ugly, their daughters will most likely be fine as hell.  I’ve had women of most every kind of combination of racial background imaginable. Black and White. Black and Asian.  Asian and White. Mexican and White.  Hispanic and Black. French and Dominican. Asian and Puerto Rican. German, Haitian, French and Dutch (Wow, she was gorgeous). I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Many times there these biracial and mixed race women will have the best physical features of the their parents’ races. IE– she may have the ass of a Black girl, the breasts of a Dutch girl, the skin of an Asian girl, etc, etc…. Not only are these women generally beautiful due to their exotic nature and features, but they are usually open to relationships with those who are not of their race, culture and ethnic background—much like their parents were.  Double Wu to that!

When you date a Biracial or mixed race woman, be sure to realize that not only does she retain the physical features of the of her parents racial, ethnic and cultural make up, but she also retains the typical personality traits of the races of her parents. IE– if she is part Jewish, she will still whine, complain and nag like a typical full blooded Jewish girl– albeit perhaps not as badly. If she is part Black, she will have a swagger and an attitude, but again– mostly likely not as bad as pure bred Black woman. If she is part Latina, she will have a little passion and sassafras in her– even if it is just a little bit. Your knowledge of the typical personality characteristics of the races that make up her ethnic and cultural background will help you be more successful dating her.

Now get out there, broaden your horizons and runkle away.