Bergen, Norway


Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and is known as the “big” university town in Norway. Funny, there were more people in my 6th grade gym class than are in the whole of Bergen’s University campus. Besides having some beautiful Norwegian YP, Bergen is a beautiful place. Check out the fjords, but not on a day that you forgot to take your Prozac or after a bad night of being heismanned. Jumping off one of these glacier wrinkles is a popular way for Norwegians and other Northern Europeans to commit suicide. Check out the university, if you are here freezing your ass off during the academic year. If you are here on a weekend evening anytime of the year, there are exactly two and only two places worth hanging out in, Cafe Opera on Engen and the Garage Bar on Nygardsgaten. As in all of Scandinavia, it’s expensive here. Oftentimes, the Norwegians will rent vans with a large group of their friends and drive to abandoned fields to drink, since partying in the bars and clubs is so expensive. So hook up with some locals, so you don’t miss out. They also have this unique tradition of making up cards with their names, addresses and phone numbers on them to give to people they meet. It’s kind of like a “social” business card. They never leave home without them.

If absolutely positively cannot leave Norway without seeing some half-naked Norwegian YP, head to the town of Kristiansand, probably the warmest place in this whole damn country. Unfortunately, there tend to be a lot of families, but inter-dispersed with these are local girls who are stuck working in Oslo or Bergen for the summer and can only get away to a beach close by on the weekends.

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