Being Responsible


Whether I meant to or not, I have hurt the feelings of a lot of good women I’ve met during my travels. Sometimes I really couldn’t have cared less. But at other times I have cared enough that it bothered me. I’ve been caught telling lies, busted by friends and family members of girlfriends cheating on them and terminating a relationship after a successful runkling. The Chinese say that I was born in the year of the dog, and I am part Italian and Spanish, so I blame random chance and genetics for my behavior. Luckily, even after having been busted by these girls, most of the time I was able to talk my way out of the doghouse, and went on to runkle again. But generally, I haven’t been proud of some of my actions. Besides being responsible with the emotions of the girls you runkle, much more importantly, you have to be responsible with respect to the runkling. HIV and other STD’s aside, all of you boys out there reading this book need to be responsible and wrap it before you wet it. You may wind up ruining your life in a most serious way if you don’t. At worst you’ll wind up in an abortion clinic with potentially a lifetime of guilt to deal with. Whatever agony you may go through, it’s much worse for the chick.