Austin, Texas USA


Austin hands down has the most beautiful women in Texas. The action in Austin centers on 4th, 5th and 6th Streets where all of the babes from the University of Texas at Austin and Texas State roam. The girls at this school are unbelievable, probably the best in all the South. And if you were picking one day out of the year to be here to party, let it be Halloween. If you can get yourself invited to a fraternity party on campus on Holloween, you will know what I am talking about.

If you like to drink, head to this town on a Thursday. Bars like Pete’s Peanut Shack have ridiculous drink specials.  It’s an alcoholic’s dream. But the weekends are the best—from Thursday to Saturday.  The Hooters on Riverside is excellent—lots of beautiful women.  The Ranch, Iron Cactus, The Library and Friends are some of my favorites, but you literally can just follow your nose for the Y on any of these streets.  Everything is within walking distance. For the best titty bar in Austin full of women much better-looking then the one’s in Houston, head to Sugar’s or the Yellow Rose.

Nearby Lake Travis or Lake Austin is the place to be on summer weekends.  The Hula Hut—affectionately nick named the “butt hut” is the best place on Lake Austin.  Water Lu Ice House, Little Woodrows in Hill Country Galleria and Steiner Ranch Steak House in Lake Travis on Thursdays isn’t too bad.  Oasis on Lake Travis is a great place for a date.  Sunday brunch here is legendary.  This is where hot Texas girls go, when they want to show off their bodies in the summertime.  Try Carlos and Charlie’s on Lake Travis later afternoon on Saturdays and Sundays in the summer, when the rain comes back.  Lake Travis is really low right now due to poor rain fall, so it’s slow.  You won’t likely be disappointed.

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