Atlanta, Georgia USA


Georgia is home to some fine looking women, especially in Atlanta. According to US census data there are almost three times as many women as men between the ages of 18 and 30, who live in this city. Now that’s a great ratio. There is also plenty of Y in Atlanta being that universities, such as Georgia Tech and Emory are located here. I must say also that I have rarely seen hotter Black women anywhere else, owing to the fact that Moorehouse and Spelman Universities are located here. Since “Hotlanta” is the financial capital of the Southern United States, it’s extremely international by Southern standards, especially following the worldwide coverage of the Olympic Games held here in 1996.

The places to be come nightfall are the bars and clubs in Buckhead on the corners of Peachtree and Buckhead Avenues and Little Fivepoints/ Virginia Highlands on the corner of North Highland and Virginia Avenues. Buckhead is packed with clubs and restaurants that tend to cater to the post-collegiate working girls, although on the weekends there is plenty of YP here. The best places on the weekend are LuLu’s Bait Shack, the Bar, Bell Bottoms, Buckhead Saloon and Oxygen on Peachtree Avenue. Pat Hurley’s and CJ’s Landing on Buckhead Avenue aren’t bad either. Students tend to hang out at Little Five Points/Virginia Highlands where the bars are a little more mellow and the beer a lot cheaper. A lot of students just come here to relax, but on Thursdays especially, the bars in this area can be happening. Try Blind Willie’s on Highland Avenue for a start.

The big mall here is in a place called the “Underground”. It has a few good bars on Kenny’s Alley and places to eat, but lately its been getting a bad wrap for being in an “unsafe” area of town and thus has lost a lot of patronage to Buckhead and Little Five Points; Virginia Highlands. Well at least there’s a Hooters Restaraunt. The best titty bars in the city are the Gold Club on Piedmont Avenue, Taj on Cobb Highway and the Cheetah Club downtown. The taj is my favorite of the bunch with an outdoor pool, beautiful nude women to frolic in the pool with and 2 for 1 dance specials! Lots of blonde hair and big hooters abound!

North of Atlanta in a place called Apharetta, Georgia (total suburban America), there are some pretty women. The Hooters and Tilted Kilt out here are pretty damn awesome. And they tend to be way less full of themselves up here. Definitely more “normal” down home girls.

God Damn Factor 9.0