Arhus, Denmark


I think Arhus is much better than Copenhagen as far as YP is concerned. It’s a big university town, so the girls are young, pretty and have less attitude. All the nocturnal action is concentrated in one area downtown. The best places to go are Cafe Eiffel on Store Torv, Blitz on Klostergaden and Musikcafeen on Mejlgade on the weekend. There’s a beach close by to boot. Wu!. But keep in mind, this place is as dead as a Mormon tailgate party from Sunday to Wednesday, so you should definitely plan on coming during the weekend. Check out the university during the day, and pretend to look lost (whether or not that’s the case) and get a pretty coed to show you around, take you to lunch in the university mensa or buy you a beer (preferably a Carlsberg or Tuborg) in a cafe or bar downtown.

God Damn Factor 8.5

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