Argentina Beach Towns


The best time to go to Argentina is during December and January, when school is out and the Argentine beaches are packed. (Remember the countries south of the Equator have their summer opposite those of countries located north of the Equator.) The best places to go are Villa Geselle, Pinamar and nearby, expensive Punta Del Este in Uruguay, a short jaunt from Argentina’s border. Oh, the bodies on these Argentine babes! You’ll be selling your soul to have the bodies of some of these babes on you! Now I understand why companies like Ford, Next, Elite and Irene Mari come down here every summer to recruit next year’s top models. These towns are all arranged similarly. There is a beach and a small area with a lot of bars and clubs in which to party within walking distance. After a visit to these Argentine beach towns you’ll be convinced that the only thing hotter than Argentine YP all made up and scantily dressed, is freshly tanned and happy-to-be-on-vacation, all made up and scantly dressed Argentine YP. Mar del Plata, a large city on the East Coast of Argentina isn’t too bad either for beach and nightlife, although it tends to be more family oriented.

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